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I had been watching this nest from a distance as I ate my lunch. Just the two 'ready to fledge' osprey hanging out. Not sure why they were still in the nest, I had seen them fly a couple of days before and returned to see if they would be at a nearby perch where I had seen one of them land. After lunch I decided I would get a photo of them on the nest. I moved closer and was about to make my first image when they started to call rapidly. This is usually a sign that one of the parents is near. Kathy alerted me that the parent was returning with a fish. I didn't take my eye off the nest and as soon as I saw the first motion coming into the viewfinder I held down the shutter release and shot several frames. I like the wing position on this one and you can see where the talon had just released from the right of the fish. The next day the osprey fledged and were no where to be found.