In The Rhythmâ„¢ Tours and Photography Workshops


Join Jim and Kathy Stamates for an adventure of a lifetime. Travel with a professional wildlife photographer exploring new locations and adventures. See the obvious, explore the unique. Learn Low Impact Field Techniques to improve your photography and nature experience.

For more than 30 years Jim and Kathy Stamates have been traveling to explore seldom visited locations and making stunning photographs to share with the world. In The Rhythm™ Tours and Photo Workshops is excited to offer you the opportunity to join them in their next adventure.

Each adventure is unique. Some are exploratory expeditions while others revisit favorite locations. Photography is always part of every adventure but not the only reason to join in. The adventure, Jim and Kathy's knowledge of wildlife and travel, great comradarie all make each trip unique and unforgetable.

Getting in the rhythm of nature is the key to seeing the unique and experiencing our amazing planet. Our tours have been called 'life changing'.

Upcoming Adventures: Costa Rica Adventure, Grand Teton Photo Workshop, Alaska Adventure, Yellowstone Wildlife Safari

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